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ROCK'R PLATE XL in size 700*800*95 mm (L*W*H) including front wheel support plate

2150 DKK

Yderligere information

Specify your trainer model and productionyear. If you use Wahoo Climb or similar devices then buy add-on XL front wheel support plate

Get a ROCK'R PLATE for DKK 1.995,-

($300, E265)



The ROCK'R PLATE improves your training

See how ROCK'R PLATE works by clicking at the picture


Grow "Full Size" with your ROCK'R PLATE

You can now buy a full size ROCK'R PLATE solution giving you lateral movements also in your front wheel support plate. This is especially interesting when adding eg. a Wahoo Climb to your Wahoo Kickr or other solutions where your front wheel is removed and your front fork is mounted on a fixed unit (as shown on the pict) 

You may buy the "Full Size" extension right away or wait until you need it - that's smart :)

Click on the picture and see how it works

Why buy a ROCK'R PLATE

If you in the same way as other enthusiastic bikers want to keep your shape intact and cycle indoors on a bike trainer, then you probably also miss that the bike does not move in the same way as when riding outdoors. 

The ROCK PLATE gives you the lateral movements you know when cycling outdoors and stepping hard on the pedals, for example. during sprinting or forcing heavy increases.

You may have also observed that these lateral movements are the reason why you can step a little harder in the pedals and provide more watts than you can on a stationary bike trainer without a ROCK'R PLATE. 

And you have probably also learned that it is harder for your body - not least your behind- that the bike does not move when you have to complete your challenging workouts. 

The ROCK'R PLATE from Free Movement is designed to make your training experience more realistic and more attractive whether you are a happy beginner or a more advanced rider and make you able to keep your best performance during the whole ride.

Also the ROCK'R PLATE spare your expensive carbon bike from unintentional loads on the seat- and chainstays. 

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.


Rune Madsen

Free Movement


ROCK'R PLATE improves your workout

This is why ROCK'R PLATE is interesting for you

- It is extremely stable and improves the stability of your trainer

- It is easy to store when you do not use it

- the footprint is 600 * 800 * 95 mm (L * B * H) and fits the most trainers on the market eg. WAHO KICKR, WAHOO Core,  TACX SMART trainers, TACX OnWheel Trainer and others.

Some trainers with a larger footprint requires a larger surfase eg. WAHOO Snap, Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll. These trainers are supported by ROCK'R PLATE XL iwith the dimensions 700 * 800 * 95 mm (L * B * H)

- ROCK'R PLATE of course also include a front wheel support via a dedicated frontwheel plate on which you place the front wheel support supplied by the trainer

- Optional you can order a replacement front wheel support unit replacing the one supported by the trainer instead of the above mentioned frontwheel plate

- ROCK'R PLATE weighs only 7.5 kg and therefore  better support the lateral movements and keeps distribution cost in the low end 

- It is constructed in a light and very strong reinforced plywood construction with a beautiful black painted surface

- ROCK'R PLATE is fitted with 4 dampers placed in each corner of the plate. Each of these are is air adjustable so the lateral movement can be regulated

- ROCK'R PLATE is delivered pre-configured for your specific trainer, so you in just a few seconds after receiving it can be up running

- Your trainer will be installed on ROCK'R PLATE in seconds without removing your bike from the trainer

Order your ROCK'R PLATE by tapping the picture


Click on below picture and see how easy a Wahoo Kickr trainer is installed on the ROCK'R PLATE


See the new Tacx Neo 2 in action mounted on a ROCK'R PLATE - click on the picture

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